Monday, May 23, 2011

Does He Not Have a Mirror?

This blog is in response to a blog recently authored by Jared on the Victoria Advocate website. The topic of the blog was blogging. Jared points out some of the benefits to hosting a blog, as well as some inevitable drawbacks. Let me start out by saying I think Jared is truly genuine with what he writes. He has never shied away from a discussion with another, even though the viewpoints may not coincide. Because of this, I have absolutely no problem with his blog. I think Jared is truly interested in expanding the dialogue, even though it may sometimes run counter to his perceptions.

Where I began to have a problem was when Chris Cobler decided to make a few remarks on the blog. According to Peaches,"As we look for a new interactivity editor to replace CJ, we're hoping to find someone who can actively recruit more voices to the community conversation here."

Um....excuse me? The same guy that has been deleting the accounts of anyone who dares to buck the local establishment is now looking for "more voices" in the "community conversation"? That's a joke, right? The same guy who cannot handle any disagreement of any sort? The same guy who looks to silence all opposition to the local government apparatus? The same guy who deletes any comment from anyone who dares to mention the fact that his wife works for UHV? The same guy who deletes accounts of people that post comments that are against the A&M switch, but are completely factual?

This is the guy that now wants more inclusion? What is that smell? Is it excrement from a male bovine?

One of my favorite songs is one from Aaron Tippen, and I quote it often. There is a verse that states "We might've been better off, or owned a bigger house, if Daddy'd done more giving in or a little more backing down. But we always had plenty, just living his advice, 'Whatever you do today, you'll have to sleep with tonight.'"

Another way of putting it is that you don't want to have to do anything that would cause you not to be able to look yourself in the mirror.

Hence, I wonder if Peaches even has a mirror...


Edith Ann said...

I think Jared would like building a following on an outside blog site, but maybe he has to figure that out for himself.

I miss the conversation that used to be on the Advocate. What is there now is largely those folks who post without thinking. Not all of them, but enough.

It's gone down in my opinion, and I hate that.

BIGJ said...

To hell with Preaches.

Anonymous said...

Peaches, I had to think about that one for a moment. Then I recalled the mushie "Happy Birthday Video" of M. Monroe sing to JFK. If I recall Cobler "Peaches" posted the video on Facebook for none other than the hero of the Tuesday morning group..Tim Hudson. I bet ( the former president) was embarrassed as all get out. First, this bunch gets him fired from UHV. Then I am sure this "Legacy" kept him from getting the UNG job. I hope he figures out the Tuesday group is bad for his job prospects. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the transparent actions and anyonymous postings of Peaches, along personal and witnessed communications with him give me concern about his presence of mind.

Either that, or he is a complete worm.