Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Times, Good Family, and Good Friends

It is Sunday evening, and I have just returned home from a gathering for a friend's father's 70th birthday party. The man in question was afflicted with an illness prior to our introduction that has severely hampered his abilities to socially interact. However, I have come to know well many people who were good friends with him in earlier times. To a man, each has lauded Robert Moore's friendship. I wish I had known him before the terrible misfortune, but I am still glad to know him and his family now.

I was struck by the number of folks that attended this party. There were former coworkers, fellow Legionnaires, neighbors, friend and family. There were children too young to walk, and a few so old they walked with difficulty. It was great to see that Mr. Moore and his family had forged so many strong friendships during their time. Mr. Moore's youngest son made a comment that everyone there was like family. Most of them had known him and his brother since early childhood, and remain close to this day.

This is what is most important about life. It is about the relationships that we are able to create and nourish. It is about giving so freely of yourself that others give of themselves in return. Days like today remind me that while life may be a long journey, we are seemingly never able to devote as much time as we desire to the things we enjoy most. It is sobering to be mindful that we can never truly spend enough time with those we enjoy and love. My only purpose in writing this short blog is to remind us all that life is never too busy to make a simple phone call to a friend or loved one that we haven't seen in a while. We never have too much going on to drop by an old friend's house on our way home from work. If we ever find ourselves of this mindset, then it would behoove us to clear out some of the clutter in order to make room for the things that are really important.


Edith Ann said...

What a blessed man Mr. Moore is!

I cannot add anything to your last paragraph. I don't want to have to live with regret or remorse for not taking a moment for friends and family.

Matt Ocker said...

It is extremely important. And yes, Mr. Moore has been blessed with a wonderful family and a ton of great friends.