Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines

As I sit here this evening, Valentine's Day 2011 has nearly come to a conclusion. Uneventful for me in this latest edition, for reasons beyond my control, but still not have I lost the warmth of importance of this affectionate holiday. My Valentines are three in number, and equal in station.

Throughout my life, I have had the good fortune of the intimate company of several sweethearts. Most were really good women, though we left each other in search of more congruent companionship. Some I knew had to go, while others I lacked the immediate appreciation of. Such is not the case with my current love. Susan is the woman I have always wanted, needed, and searched for. She makes every day at the very least a good one, and many of them great. We can be amongst friends, out on the town, or sitting around doing nothing. Environment is of no consequence, as long as we are in each others' company.

The other two Valentines that fill my heart are my wonderful baby girls. My Tooter is as smart as a whip, somewhat sassy, and ever the over-achiever. She was always Daddy's Little Helper. One of my fondest memories is of the first time she grabbed my with both of her hands on the side of my face and brought her head toward mine, in an attempt to give me a kiss. It was a big slobbery one, and it made me smile larger than I ever thought possible. The many times we cuddled with one another will always be cherished. On my 25th birthday I had become pretty ill and was in bed trying to rest. Tooter came into my room, got up on the bed, and began to start speaking, as well as she could, anyway. It took me a few moments to realize that she was singing me Happy Birthday. Once I realized that, I couldn't let her get all the way through the song. I grasped her as tightly as I felt I could without bringing her discomfort, and nearly wept.

My littlest Valentine is my Itty Bitty. She is the most innocent child I have ever known.  Every fiber of this blessing of a child wants to spread love to everyone in her presence. Always one to climb in a stranger's lap, quick to give kisses and hugs, and a constant seeker of companionship. The funny things that Itty Bitty has done in her short time are too numerous to list, but just imagine almost anything. My baby girl has some difficulties in communicating, so she usually has an unorthodox manner of conveying her point. Instead of asking Daddy to unlock the rear windows of my truck, she will claim that she "needs wind." Her idiosyncrasies help define her, and I wouldn't trade a single one of them.

As you can see, I am clearly blessed with some wonderful treasures to be thankful for on this day. Who has your heart?


Edith Ann said...

Well, who knew crusty ol' Matt was really soft and squishy on the inside?

Seriously, very sweet words for your very sweet girls.

Edith Ann said...

Well, it appears everyone knew but me!

Matt Ocker said...

Yeah, we all kept it a secret from you. Thanks for the kind words...I think.

Rebecca said...

I am really impressed when I read your blogs. I voted for you, BTW. I still have not received my check in the mail. KIDDING I got it yesterday. KIDDING

One of your stories reminded me of my daughter when she was little. We were all locked in the car zooming down the highway. My daughter, who was probably 3 or so, got mad at her big brother and screamed, "GET OUT" and pointed to the car door.

We were like, "But, if he gets out right now he will die."

She screamed at him again, "GET OUT!"

Edith Ann said...

That is hysterical, Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Three lucky ladies!!!

chick-a-dee said...

You are the absolute best!!

Matt Ocker said...

Rebecca, thanks for the vote. And...the check is in the mail.

As for the 3 lucky ladies...I wouldn't go that far. All I know for sure is that they make me a lucky man.

There are so many stories I could tell about my Tooter and my Itty Bitty. Their little nuances are so precious. When Tooter was little, there was a fly buzzing around her foot one day while she was on the couch. She said, "No, no skeeto. Don't bite my foot." I asked her what she would say if the fly bit my foot. She replied, "No, no skeeto. Don't bite my foot. I love my Daddy, skeeto."

My Itty Bitty ad a hard time understanding the words that express quantity. I used to always ask her how much she loved Daddy. Instead of saying that she loved Daddy "alot" or something similar, she would either say a number, or just say "big". The way she would say it so matter-of-factly was so cute.

Both of my baby girls are little darlings. I would not possess any of the positive qualities that I do, without them.